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Languages: Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS
Frameworks: Spring, Ember.js, Angular 1.X, Ruby on Rails, Struts 1
Build tools / Dependency management: Maven, Gradle, Ant, Ivy, Gulp, NPM, Bower
Testing: JUnit, Mockito, JMockit, QUnit, Jasmine, Selenium Webdriver
Continuous Integration: Jenkins, TeamCity
IDEs/Editors: Intellij, Eclipse, Vim


Java Developer | SS&C | March 2016 – May 2017

Worked on Legacy and “Green field” benefits enrollment software known as BRIX, using Java, Struts 1, Spring, and Ember.js

For the updated admin portal, designed a high level markup language that defines a structure and ui elements necessary to display a specific resource, and the Ember.js components that consume the markup language to dynamically draw the page based on markup instance.

Authored Spring MVC controllers and services for the “Green field” app that consumes data from the BRIX API and passes it to the frontend as a REST/JSON resource.  Consumed the resource using the ember-ajax add-on to return model data to the Ember route.

Implemented a feature for syncing subscriber and enrollment data near real-time to an external payment processing system using the SOAP.  Implemented a separate batch process for syncing sponsors, carriers, subscribers, and enrollments to an external payment processing system using SOAP.

Senior Staff Developer | Tsunami Tsolutions | January 2014 – February 2016

Initiated project setup for SPS/TAT, a dashboard web application implemented using an Angular/Spring MVC stack.   Authored scripts for automating quality analysis, unit testing, minification, HTML injection, and deployment.

Developed a configuration dashboard demo application using Angular/Bootstrap and Node.js.

Developed modules for OBPHM, a maintenance software deliverable that accompanies Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine. Primarily responsible for the implementation algorithms designed to calculate usage based on data streams recorded during engine operation.

Application Developer | UCONN Health Center | JANUARY 2009 – DECEMBER 2013

Administrator of the Luminis Portal System. Managed user accounts and ensured synchronization with Active Directory.  Designed and implemented solutions for content presentation dependent on user authorization levels.

Implemented components of a bridge application designed to reconcile finance account templates from legacy department systems to an updated centralized system.

Programmer/Analyst Co-op | UTC EH&S Department | January 2007 – December 2007

Supported the EH&S web-based reporting system by creating new procedures, tables, and reports.

Designed and implemented data entry forms using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and the reporting systems web maintenance modules.


Bachelor of science | May 2009 | Central Connecticut State University

  • Major: Computer Science