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My RubyMine Setup

I love RubyMine. While I admire and appreciate the lightweight feel of simple text editors and the skill it takes to configure them, coming from a Java background, and Intellij IDEA being my favorite IDE for Java development, I feel right at home in RubyMine when doing Ruby development.

My current set up was inspired by the RailsConf video below, with a some customizations of my own added in:

RailsConf 2016 – Power up Your Development with RubyMine by Tatiana Vasilyeva


You can access the “Switch…” context menu by pressing (Ctrl + `):

For both “Color Scheme” and “Look and Feel” I use Darcula:

The dark theme is easy on the eyes and the contrast between the syntax and the background isn’t too strong:

For editing I use the Mac OS X 10.5+ Keymap:

combined with the IdeaVIM plugin. This can be installed by going to Preferences… (Cmd + ,) -> Plugins -> Install JetBrains Plugins:

I taught myself to be proficient in Vim awhile back and now I can’t unlearn it. This is fine because the Vim key bindings combined with RubyMine’s code completion features allow for some fast editing out of the box, so that you really feel as though you are editing at the speed of thought. IdeaVim emulates several useful Vim features. More information about the plugin can be found here.

The one customization I’ve added to the Keymap (via Preferences…[Cmd + ,] -> Keymap) is adding [Cmd + 0] as a keyboard shortcut to the Terminal tool window:

This is more convenient than the default shortcut, and I use terminal primarily for git control. In my opinion, git on the command line is a bit more intuitive and easier to access than RubyMine’s git GUI commands.


(Cmd + 1) to Toggle theProject Window (directory window):

This allows easy access to the directory structure of the project I am currently working on.

(Cmd + 0) to open the terminal window:

As mentioned above I typically run git commands here. Occasionally I’ll run a rails generator or rake command, but the IDE has tools built in for that.

(Alt + R) to run my rake commands:

Most often this will be used to run my tests. The nice thing about this is the last command that was run is available in Run tool window (Cmd + 4).  So I can rerun the last test by clicking (Cmd + 4) (Cmd + R).  This helps me stay in my TDD flow without clumsily reaching for the mouse and looking for the re-run button.

(Alt + Cmd + R) to run the rails server in debug mode:

This gives me access to the server console and log in the debug tool window using (Cmd + 5). This keeps the server segregated from from the run window (which displays tests and other rake commands). I’ve experienced some issues within the current version of RubyMine when running the rails server in Run Mode (Ctrl + Alt + R) where the Server tab disappears if I’m running other commands within it.

(Cmd + Shift + O) to open a specific file:

(Cmd + E) to navigate to a recently opened file:

That’s pretty much it. See the summary below for a concise list of settings.


  1. Look and Feel: Darcula
  2. Theme: Darcula
  3. Keymap: Mac OS X 10.5+
  4. IdeaVim plugin
  5. View
    1. Toolbar (disabled)
    2. Tool Buttons (disabled)
    3. Status Bar (disabled)
    4. Navigation Bar (disabled)
  6. Keymap – Tool Windows – Terminal (Cmd – 0)